Care and maintenance to prolong the life of your PUCO product

At PUCO, we care about the durability and optimal performance of our products. Follow these tips to keep your grill in optimal condition and enjoy perfect roasts for much longer.

Regular and Careful Cleaning

Clean your PUCO grill regularly after each use to avoid the accumulation of residues and ashes.

Make sure that both the grill and its components have cooled completely before you begin cleaning.

Avoid Pouring Water on Hot Surfaces

Never pour water on the grill while the surface is still hot, as this can damage the materials and affect its performance

Protect your hands with gloves

When handling grill parts, especially hot ones, wear protective gloves to avoid burns

Cover your Product when you are not using it

We recommend covering your PUCO grill when not in use to protect it from dust, moisture and other elements that may affect its performance.

For Portable Products

If you have a portable grill, store it in a garage or storage room to protect it, especially if you live near the coast, where sea breezes can damage the materials over time.

Rainy Climates and Coasts

In places with rainy climates or near the sea, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, stagnant water or sea breeze, as they can deteriorate the grill.

Remove Ash or Charcoal Remains before Storage

Before storing your grill, be sure to thoroughly clean out any ash or charcoal residue to prevent odors and deterioration.

For Unpainted Carbon Steel Products

After cleaning, apply some edible fat such as edible oil or animal fat to prevent oxidation and facilitate future cleaning.

At PUCO, our dedication to quality does not end at manufacturing. We want you to enjoy your grill for many years, which is why we provide you with these tips for proper maintenance. Enjoy the best roasts with PUCO for much longer! 🔥