PUCO guarantee

Thank you for purchasing our PUCO products at Av. Blasco Ibañez 37, Albuixech, Valencia, Spain. CP46550. We take pride in offering a safe, durable and reliable product. This PUCO Voluntary Guarantee is offered to you at no additional cost and contains the necessary information in case of failure or defect.

Pursuant to applicable laws, the customer has several rights in case the product is defective. Such rights include supplemental performance or replacement, purchase price reduction, and compensation. In the European Union, for example, this would be a legal guarantee of two years from the date of delivery of the product.

To ensure trouble-free coverage, please retain your original proof of purchase and/or invoice. The guarantee applies as long as the Owner takes reasonable care of the PUCO product by following the assembly, use and preventive maintenance instructions described in the accompanying use, care and warning guide. If you live near the sea, maintenance includes regular washing and rinsing of exterior surfaces as described in the guide.

If you need to make use of this Guarantee, contact us through our website www.pucofuego.com . Upon investigation, we will repair or replace (at our option) the defective part covered by this Warranty. If repair or replacement is not possible, we will choose (at our discretion) to replace the barbecue with a new one of equal or greater value. The shipping costs of the parts to be returned will be paid in advance by the customer.

This WARRANTY does not cover damage, deterioration, discoloration and/or oxidation for which PUCO is not responsible, caused by:

  • Abuse, misuse, alteration, modification, misuse, vandalism, neglect, improper assembly or installation, and lack of routine maintenance.
  • Insects (such as spiders) and rodents (such as squirrels).
  • Exposure to salty air and/or chlorine sources, such as swimming pools and spas/jacuzzis.
  • Extremely adverse weather conditions, such as hail, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, or strong storms.

The use and installation of non-original PUCO parts on the product will void this Warranty and any resulting damage will not be covered.

Warranty for specific products:

  • Cooking/Charcoal Grates: 2 years, no rust/burns.
  • Container Bases: 10 years, no rust/burn, excluding firebricks and discoloration.
  • Plastic components: 5 years, excluding discoloration.
  • All other parts: 2 years.

Other than the warranty and disclaimers described in this warranty statement, there are no other express warranty or voluntary statements of liability beyond the legal liability applicable to PUCO. This warranty statement also does not limit or exclude situations or claims in which PUCO has a mandatory liability as established by law.

No warranty will apply after the applicable period of this warranty. No other warranty given by any other person or entity, including distributor or retailer, in connection with the product (such as any "extended warranty") shall bind PUCO. The exclusive remedy of this guarantee is the repair or replacement of the part or product. In no case will the reimbursement of this voluntary guarantee be greater than the purchase price of the PUCO product sold.

You assume the risk and responsibility for the losses, damages or accidents that occur to you or to your property and/or to others or to your property as a consequence of the improper use or abuse of the product or of not following the instructions provided by PUCO in the guide. that accompanies it Parts and accessories replaced under this warranty are warranted only for the remainder of the original warranty period(s).

This warranty only applies to use in apartments or private single-family residences and does not apply to PUCO barbecues used in commercial or common settings such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, or rental properties. PUCO may change the design of its products from time to time. Nothing in this warranty shall be construed as requiring Weber to incorporate such design changes into previously manufactured products, nor shall such changes be construed as an acceptance that prior designs were defective.